Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to preach and teach the Bible as the authentic & full authority of God; and make Christ Jesus Lord and Savior in our lives.

Our Vision is to help families and communities know their Creator in an intimate way, and to experience the richness of His grace, mercy, and love; and to plant churches around the world  through the power of the Holy Spirit and the proclamation of the Word of God. Reaching every corner of the globe by Outreach, Love, and Faith.

Church Ministry Organization

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Pastor Eric Jordan

  • Christian Education Ministry by Pastor Eric Jordan & Deacon Kevin White Sr.
    • Preaching
    • Teaching
    • Bible Study

  • Maturity Ministry by Pastor Eric Jordan
    • Women
    • Men
    • Singles
    • Seniors
    • Married Couples
    • Food Pantry
    • Maintenance
    • Counseling

  • Marketing Ministry by Pastor Will Wilson
    • Advertising
    • Web Site
    • Strategic Marketing Outreach
    • Benevolence
    • Finance
    • Community Events

  • Magnification Ministry by TBD
    • Music
    • Hospitality
    • Vision & Sound

  • Outreach Ministry by Doctor Carl Desmuke
    • Outreach
    • Evangelism
    • Community Planning
    • Greeters

Church Staff

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Pastor Eric Jordan

Church Board

  • Secretary Dr. Virginia Desmuke
  • Treasurer Yolanda White
  • Board Members
    • Eric Jordan
    • Will Wilson
    • Yolanda White


  • Pastor Will Wilson
  • Doctor Carl Desmuke
  • Doctor Viriginia Desmuke


  • Kevin White Sr.

Church History

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A Breath of Praise Community Church was founded before the foundations of the world, but brought into existence on April 8th , 2007.

Rev. Jordan was praying in a chapel at Seton Hospital while his wife (Faith) was preparing to give birth to their third beautiful daughter. While in prayer for the safety and health of his wife and child, the Lord suddenly spoke and moved on his heart with a strong conviction, and power through the Holy Spirit, to plant a new church in the Round Rock area.

So after much prayer and fasting he stepped out on faith and announced his calling in February 2007. Rev. Jordan then proceeded to search for a location; within two months the Lord found a location at the Allen R. Baca Center and a start date of April 8th, 2007, Easter Sunday.

There was one problem; Rev. Jordan did not have a congregation. With such a short period of time for preparation, and one week left before opening the Lord’s church, only one person decided to follow him; Youth Pastor, Nathan Debord. But Because Rev. Jordan is a man of faith he pressed forward. On April 8th, 2007 the doors of the church opened and nothing short of a miracle happened; without any advertisement or promotions  sixty people showed up. Hallelujah, God really does add to the church.

In 2009, the church moved to its own building at its current location on Sam Bass road.

With the success and steady growth of A Breath of Praise, the church is well on its way to serving the community and the kingdom of God.